How to find a technical co founder?

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Author: Bas Plasschaert

I'm a full stack Ruby-on-Rails developer, specialized in prototyping and creating Proof of Conversion. I would like to help you create the first proof of your vision, to make it easier for you to convince others.


Finding the right technical co-founder depends on a bit of luck, patience, and trust. There are probably only two reasons why someone with the necessary knowhow will join you on your adventure to realize 'The Best Thing In The World' and those are:

  1. A genuine interest and belief in the Thing and the willingness to bring it to anyone who would need it.
  2. The need for earning a decent income by doing what he or she is good at.

By analyzing these reasons we're able to get to a proper method for finding the perfect technical co-founder! For the first reason, you will need a lot of luck and trust to find and work with that person. In most cases, you can expect that this will only work with someone that you already know well. That would mean that if you do not already have someone with the necessary skills in your direct network, that it could probably become difficult to find someone based on reason 1.

Co-founders who are interested based on the second reason are way easier to find, but may only be in it for the money. The longer they create stuff for you only based on paid contracts, the more they will just see you as a paying customer. But I do believe that there's a way how you can use reason #2 to get to reason #1 and of course that is exactly what we're trying to do with Proto.Camp.

So here it goes: By sharing your initial idea in a community of professionals and inviting them to come with advice on how to get to the first stage of production, you gain the trust of that same community. This is the first step to get to know new potential co-workers or even co-founders. Then it's time to gain their trust and the best way of doing this is by supporting their efforts for you: agree on a fixed fee for the first steps to come to a prototype. Don't underestimate the power of showing your vulnerability and the willingness to invest in your own idea. These are exactly the steps that we offer with Proto.Camp: - Share your idea. - Start a dialogue on how to come to a prototype. - Come to a fixed fee for some of the necessary steps. - Evaluate this first (paid) effort and decide if it's a base for a trustworthy partnership.

Interested in testing our community? Read more about it on our Startup page!