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Author: Bas Plasschaert

I'm a full stack Ruby-on-Rails developer, specialized in prototyping and creating Proof of Conversion. I would like to help you create the first proof of your vision, to make it easier for you to convince others.


One of the main reasons for us to create Proto.Camp, was to share knowledge on prototyping with anyone who's interested in how to get to your first prototype. This can be by matching them to a decent prototyper who's specialized in that specific type of prototype, or by teaching them how to do it themselves.

One of the techniques that we could teach you, is how to create your own responsive website application. I'm not talking about simple informative websites, but fully functional online software. There are different languages that you can choose from, but one which is easy to learn and that gives you the biggest flexibility to create anything you like is Ruby on Rails(RoR). Proto.Camp is built in RoR and has a custom made front-site, admin-site and super-admin.

If you would like to learn RoR, you can start by following introduction courses at (for example) Codecademy, or even better: learn to code by duplicating an existing online application like Airbnb. This last method worked well for me personally. You can do the AirBnB 2 course at Code4Startup. These tutorials give a pleasant personal approach by the voice of Leo Trieu. If you're more interested in languages like Python or Swift, then you would like to check their Uber app course. Or search on Code4Startup for other courses that Leo and his team cover.