Proof Of Conversion: how to validate your product?

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Author: Bas Plasschaert

I'm a full stack Ruby-on-Rails developer, specialized in prototyping and creating Proof of Conversion. I would like to help you create the first proof of your vision, to make it easier for you to convince others.

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When validating a new product, most prototypers will tell you that you need a Proof of Concept (POConcept). But I don't agree: I believe in the method called Proof of Conversion (POConversion).

Proof of Concept

POConcept is a realization of a certain method or idea in order to demonstrate its feasibility or a demonstration in principle with the aim of verifying that some concept or theory has practical potential. A POConcept is usually small and may or may not be complete. The focus is on the usage and specs of the product itself. Most POConcept pilots are closed and controlled, which means that participants need to be scouted for the pilot itself.

When I try to validate a new product, I'm more focused on the practical and financial proof: when will someone actually buy my product?

Proof Of Conversion

This is where the method Proof Of Conversion helps out. The focus is not on the product itself, but more on the actual triggers that turns a potential customer into a paying customer (a conversion). Even better: what is my cost per conversion and which collection of keywords leads to the best conversion rate?

So, how does it work?

In most cases, it's just a combination of creating a simple website with a set of landing pages and a Google Ads conversion campaign. Based on an extensive search on Google and some keyword analysis tools, I can create a first campaign and some landing pages that fit the first target group. I'm saying 'first' target group because a POConversion campaign leads in many cases to other target groups than the assumpted ones.
The landing pages need to track conversion and from that point on we can tweak the landing pages and campaign until we're getting our first conversion. It takes some time, but there's always a way to come to a conversion in the end!

This is just a simple description of the POConversion method. If you're interested in a POConversion campaign for your product then please create a pitch so that one of our community's prototypers can give you some advice and maybe an estimate. Signup!